I'm Mike Rojas 👋
An experienced web developer based in Redmond, WA.
Career highlights...
  • Currently doing full-stack web development at Carta with tools like Sveltekit, Netlify, Contentful, Marketo and more...
  • Previously I worked at Highspot doing full-stack web development on their marketing team.
  • Before that I did full-stack web development at Nintex on their marketing team.
  • And before that I did full-stack web development at Bigfin, a digital marketing agency.
Personal adventures...
  • Away from the computer I like to ride my bicycle... this year I have ridden 0 miles.
  • I also enjoy hiking, camping and taking pictures on those adventures.
  • In a past life I was a taekwondo instructor and active competitor, winning 12 state champion titles and 3 top 5 world finishes.
Here are a few snapshots from my adventures...
Reach out on LinkedIn... Bye 👋
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