A Little About Me

I'm a Web Developer, Cyclist, Husband and Martial Artist living in the Pacific Northwest.

Mike and Eileen
Me & my beautiful wife Eileen 💑

On the Web

Over the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity to work on hundreds of websites ranging from small to large. The technologies I use the are HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MYSQL.

I'm also exerienced with Node JS, SASS, PUG, Twig, GULP, jQuery, Ajax, Vue JS, The Slim Framework, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Netlify, REST API, Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google Structured Data, Google Analytics, Hosting, Email Set Up and more. Basically, if you have a web project I can take it from start to finish.

Additionally, I'm very familiar with WordPress Themeing and Plugin development (with existing themes/plugins and from scratch).

You can check out my work here.

On the Bike

About 4 years ago our (my wife and I) second car broke down and I decided to get a bike (2014 Motobecane Turino Comp) in place of a new car. Since then, I have sold the Motobecane and now ride a 2017 Specialized Allez Sprint and a 2018 Specialized Diverge Comp.

Sunny home commute
Sunny commutes home are the best! 🏠🚴💨💨💨

Between work commutes and the occasional weekend adventure, I average about 2,500 miles a year and like to share snapshots of my rides on instagram.

With the Family

My wife and I love to watch good movies, eat chocolate, hike & camp (the PNW is perfect for both) and chill with our pets Coco the cat and Murph the dog (not short for Muprhy).

Murph selfie
Murph selfie while we clean up camp. 🐶

On the Mat

I have a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo along with 12 State Championship titles in 2 States and 3 top 5 World Finishes with one of them being Silver.

Mike Rojas 3rd Degree Black Belt Ceremony
🥋My 3rd Degree Black Belt Ceremoney with Master Jeff Hockman (left) and Mike Witt (right)

I also have some weapons training and am pretty fluent with Nunchuku (single and double), Bo, and Short Sticks.

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